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Unclassified Links

Allakhazam's Magical Realm
EQ items, quests, and zone information in a massive portal.
Enchanter epic guide
EverQuest Enchanter epic guide, along with haste, spell, focus, and damage efficiency numbers.
Enchanter high level research
Legend of Ykesha research spell recipies. Level 50+.
EQ Atlas
EQ Beastlord
Beastlord site and message board
EQ Explorers
Rare mobs, drops, and zones.
EQ Numbers
AGI, Armor Class, Haste, and more EQ internals.
EQ Players
Official website. Good for lists of skills and spells.
EQ Summoners
EverQuest Summoners boards (up to date and active)
Everquest : The Animated Adventures
Cool art and backgrounds
Everquest Caster's Realm
News and notes.
EverQuest Live
Sony's EQ information website.
Experience Chart
Old, but racial penalties/bonuses still present.
HackersQuest Forums
Weenies and wannabes. These people can't get out the door because their heads and egos are too swollen, so they stay here and flame each other incessantly.
Haste Information
EQ Haste Information.
How to play a Necromancer
Old (pre-Velious) necro guide
Lanys Forum
Everquest Lanys T'Vyl community forum.
Comprehensive, web-based EQ spell file parser.
Spell and item database.
News, reviews, and interviews.
EQ Server item sales
Mythrian Tower
Evil gnome necromancer's unite!
Necromancer Guides
Various guides/tables of Necro info
Norrath's Studio
Race Data
All the EQ races with statistical information.
Premiere EQ Shadowknight forum.
Steel Warrior
Warrior class website.
The Magician's Tower
Magician Discussion Board.
The Safehouse
Rogues and assassins apply here.
Warrior Armor Comparison Chart
What Sony doesn't want you to know
A former guide tells all...
WTF Comics
An Iksar, a Woodelf, and a quest.
Xornn's Guide to Enchanting
A must-read for Enchanters.

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