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Unclassified Links

Allakhazam's Camelot Realm
Altwaal's Animist Guide
How to level an animist, how to use animist spells, and more.
Animist Board
The Laggy Milegate, the Animst TL board, hosted at the Drunken Friar.
Arachnia's Enthrallment Guide
Charming guides (for each realm) that users can add to
Camelot Auto Bestiary
Automatically builds mob databases from player chat logs.
Camelot Herald
The Camelot Herald, Mythic's official news site for DAOC.
Camelot Realm Maps
Very good maps, even if the site is a little slow.
Camelot Seer
Discover who is leading in realm points, by server, class, name, and more.
Camelot Warcry
News, character class and spec information with the best web-based character builder.
Catacombs Beta Character Builder
Beta 2.0 version with all class/realm options viewable at once together
Celtic Spear Listing
High-end celtic spears.
Classes of Camelot
The premier site for information about each class in DAOC.
Crafting Costs Database
Spellcrafting costs and gems, as well. Very nice.
Crafting for Profit: Salvaging & Trinketing
Crypt of Albion
Olivia Quicksilver's site for Reavers and Necromancers.
Damonn's Guide to HyBrasil
Drunken Friar
Olivia Quicksilver's Friar Website
Epic Armor Pictures
Pictures of epic armor.
Epic Armors
Total Imbue Values for all epic armors, plus level 50 and 51 crafted armor
Faithful Paladins
Paladin creation and play guides.
Flashes' Weapon Guide
Weapon speeds, pictures, etc.
Fraggle's Maps of Hibernia
Detailed dungeon and zone maps.
Gaheris Event Calendar
For the DAOC Gaheris cooperative server.
Grail News
Guardians of the Vale
Valewalker spec guide.
Hall of Valor
Champion class news and discussion.
How to kill the Hibernian dragon
Kirstena's Atlas
Mob and NPC-focused thematic maps of DAOC.
Kort's Spellcrafting Calculator
With ToA support.
Kreiger Online frontier maps
Flash maps of the DAOC frontier.
La Librarie
The Troll's Library (french)
Maegus Incoporatus's Maps of Midgard
Old lands
Mercenary Guide
Basics of playing a mercenary, including discussion of speccing.
Motog's Crafting Calculator
Armor and weaponcrafting across three realms.
Necro/Reaver/Spiritmaster Spirit Vulnerable Mob Guide
All the mobs, including our former fave spots in Caldey.
Neill's DAoC Stats Parser & Warden Information Site
Warden TL reports and DAOC log parsing.
Nordic Wind Links
Gateway page to a lot of the same links here.
Northern Reavers Character Planner
Another character builder that accounts for autotraining.
Parsec's Nifty Crafting Cube
Win32 crafting calculator
Prissy's Guide to Alchemy
An introduction to and analysis of practical alchemy.
Realm Abilities (Frontiers) Calculator
Realm Abilities Calculator
Figure out when and how many realm skill points are needed for your most wanted abilities.
Realm Ability Calculator for New Frontiers
Works with IE, not Firefox.
Realm Point chart
RvR calculation formula, RPs needed per rank, and names.
Sheltered Grove
Animist and Valewalker info and discussion forum.
Sneakypants Compendium
Assassin class spreadsheets and macros.
Sorcerer Page (defunct)
Descriptions, charming guide.
Special weapons and armor guide
Glowies and rare drops.
Spellcrafting Configurator
A Win32 app to configure spellcrafting per item or per order.
Animist guides, info, and news.
Stats in DAOC
Character statistics and the mechanics behind them.
Style spreadsheet and weapon guide.
Wyrd's style spreadsheet.
ToA Artifact Scrolls Database
Live database of ToA scroll drops and locations.
ToA links
Forest Guardians link and info page.
ToA Maps
Morningstar guild. Most artifacts and ML mobs labelled...high quality.
TOA Scrolls
ToA Scrolls and Artifacts
Tradeskill Worksheet
Excel spreadsheet by Odlaww.
Trials of Atlantis info - Vision of Sages
Consolidated ToA info. My mirror is here.
Savage and Bonedancer info and discussion forum.
Trophy Drop List
Tuscaren Glacier Loot
List of drops, hunting guide, maps for TG epic dungeon
Valmer Wolfe's Maps
Vulnerability: spoofing a login server to get billing data
Fixed in 1.68.
Weapon skill table by class
Character weapon skill by class, before the Savage nerf (1.64).
Weaponskill Calculator
Level, class, stat, etc.
Wyrd's Style Spreadsheet
Styles, growth rates, etc. Dated but useful.
XP Chart
Mob xp value, target xp, and cap xp by level.

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