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Unclassified Links

Ashen Temper
Sean Dahlberg, Wolfpack. No RSS feed.
Book of Hook
Brian Hook. No RSS feed.
Brian Green
Psychochild. M59, Near Death Studios.
Chris Crawford's design library
Eight megabytes of text files.
Daedalus Project
Nick Yee, surveys and statistics of MMO players.
Damien Schubert
Zen of Design.
Deeply Random Thoughts
Mike Rozak
Feet of Clay
Mahrin Skel's (Dave Rickey's) blog.
Game Girl Advance
Criticism and articles.
Game Studies
International journal of computer game research.
Greg Costikyan
I love his work.
Insert Credit
Game news, conferences, and fun stuff.
Jamie Fristrom
Jeff Freeman
aka Dundee.
Jesper Juul
The Ludologist.
John Carmack
Marc LeBlanc
Rantings and GDC materials.
MEO: Dev Diaries
Developer Diaries from Middle Earth Online.
MMP Game Development
Multi-developer blog.
I can't believe I didn't add this link earlier.
Paul Debevec
Graphics researcher. Papers on lighting, images, recognition, High Dynamic Range Lighting.
Planet Cerulean
Game design and commentary.
Raph Koster
Designer Dragon.
Scott Miller
3D Realm, Duke Nuke'em, Apogee software.
Skotos Storybuilders
Articles, forums, tools.
Terra Nova
Julian Dibbel, Nathan Combs, Richard Bartle, Edward Castronova, Dan Hunter, Greg Lastowka, Dave Rickey, Nick Yee, T.L. Taylor, Cory Ondrejka

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