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Unclassified Links

Comparing TCO of Windows vs UNIX
Advocacy, but good tips for calculating savings.
Comparision of Windows vs UNIX, v2.0
A followup, taken as an example of how to win the job and promote UNIX.
Fedora Core 3 MythTV HOWTO
FreeBSD Programming
An open book on BSD systems programming.
High Availability Linux
ha-linux project website.
LinuxGuruz IPTABLES link page
Man pages
OpenLDAP, Courier IMAP, and Exim
Installation and configuration of enterprise class IMAP serving.
Optimizing and kernel compilation with OpenBSD
An increasingly dated article from 2000.
Keep your files in sync between servers.
SMB authentication in Apache
Using OpenBSD as a Firewall
Howto, scripts, and instructions.

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